5 great quotes about sports and cold weather

Sat, Jan 29

It's cold outside, so here's five great quotes about sports and cold weather:

1. "I wouldn't say it's cold, but every year, Winnipeg's athlete of the year is an ice fisherman."

-- Dale Tallon, former NHL player

2. "I've seen a lot of bad weather in my time, but if Admiral Byrd were here tonight, he'd turn around and go back."

-- Rocky Bridges, on a cold night in Buffalo

3. "It was so cold out there that I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking."

-- Mickey Rivers, on a 48 degree baseball game

4. "It's so cold, the ice feels warm compared to the air."

-- Bill 'Spaceman' Lee, on living in Vermont

5. "It's so cold, you'd have to jump start a reindeer."

-- Mark Herron, Illinois State player, on the cold weather in Illinois

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