Page 2 readers tell us their Super Bowl obsessions

Thu, Feb 3

Oh the weather outside is frightful but the Super Bowl is so delightful because millions of us don't care about the conditions in Dallas.

We will be watching at sports bars or parties or our very own "man caves" spread across the globe so Super Bowl XLV trumps every thing including Mother Nature unless a meteor hits Cowboys Stadium on Sunday.

Of course we would watch that, too. Talk about great ratings.

We've been obsessed with the Super Bowl for years but it appears that this one may be the most watched of all 45 (That's XLV for non-Romans). NFL TV numbers have been historic all season and that trend should peak Sunday when the Pittsburgh Steelers face the slightly favored Green Bay Packers.

All that can be said about the match has been said. If you have not heard the term "cover two" at least 100 times this week, you haven't been paying attention. And the point of today's list -- compiled from your suggestions -- is to wonder whether our love for this Super Bowl has gone too far. Read our list and then you be the judge:

Top Ten Clues You're Obsessed With Super Bowl XLV

10. "You count in Roman Numerals and you can't find Rome on a map of Italy," said Nik R. from New Delhi, India.

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