Readers, without football, what will you do now?

Mon, Feb 7

The Super Bowl is over, so now it begins.

Months without football.


Oh sure, there is the NFL Draft but that's like giving a shot of methadone to an addict that's being forced into going cold turkey.

Football. We need it.

So what do we do? Just how extreme will we be while fighting through the non-football months of spring and summer. Even worse, there's the real possibility that the NFL will not begin on time in September. We just might hurt somebody if that happens.

Could we survive a winter when all we had to talk about was how much we hate the BCS?

What would you do? That's what we want to know. We want your ideas for this week's list: "Top Ten Things To Do Without Football." Maybe Brett Favre will contribute but we're not counting on him.

We are counting on you to send your clever and witty ideas to Include your first name, initial of your last name and your location. Help the rest of us get through these bleak months ahead.

Send your best ideas by noon Wednesday and look for the list here Thursday. Trust me, you're going to need it.

We can get through this non-football wasteland if we help each other.

Anyone play "Go Fish?"