Maple Leafs: Waffle-thrower could be reinstated

Thu, Feb 10

Waffle-throwing Toronto Maple Leafs fan Joe Robb might not be banned from the team's games for life after all.

Robb is the fan who tossed eight waffles onto the Air Canada Centre ice to protest the team's futility. He reportedly was banned from Leafs home games for life, but he still pledged his hockey allegiance to Toronto.

Now comes word from the team that Robb's case could be revisited by the Leafs. Bob Hunter, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment vice president, told Page 2 that Robb's suspension is indefinite -- not necessarily a lifetime ban.

"We'll review it at the end of the season," Hunter said.

Said Robb: "That's good. That's awesome. I'd like to get back there even earlier. ... "I don't think I did anything wrong. I think they should allow me in right now. If they allow people to praise them, why don't they allow people to show their frustration?"

The team's concerns are two-fold: a) A fan could injure another fan by trying to throw an object on the ice; b) a fan could injure a player with an object, particularly if it's thrown in the path of a skater during play. Hunter said players were upset because Robb threw waffles on the ice during play. Hunter also said the team doesn't believe Robb is remorseful, in part because he has sold T-shirts reading "Waffle Nation" outside the Air Canada Centre. Robb admits to selling the T-shirts, but said he plans to give the proceeds to charity.

"We're not looking for a public apology," Hunter said. "Just don't do it again, and don't promote it as the right thing to do."

Said Robb: "I'm not the one who's going to do it again."

Perhaps we're one step closer to peace in the sports universe. Stay tuned.