Matthew Perry runs sportsplex in 'Mr. Sunshine'

Wed, Feb 16

"You're going to make me sound pretty cynical, aren't you?"

That's what actor Matthew Perry says in the first few minutes of the interview.

"Listen, I'm not as cynical as my character on the show. He's dialed up a bunch of notches even more than I am."

Perry, who spent 10 years as overly sarcastic/cynical Chandler on "Friends," plays Ben Donovan, an operations manager for San Diego's Sunshine Center in "Mr. Sunshine," a midseason replacement for ABC.

"I thought it would be funny to do a show in a big entertainment complex," said Perry, who writes, executive produces and stars in the show. "Bruce Springsteen. Professional hockey. Lingerie football. Smurfs on ice. Wrestling. Raves. Political conventions. This will allow many funny people to come in and out of the episodes."

Wednesday's episode highlights Perry's character catering to the needs of a teen heartthrob, played by Nick Jonas. Last week's first episode drew 10.5 million viewers, and the show appears to be a hit.

But Perry isn't totally content … yet.

"OK, I'm pretty cynical. I tend to skew darker in this character," the 41-year-old Perry said. "I'm a glass half empty always trying to be a glass half full type of guy."

So have you said anything you shouldn't have said?

"Daily. But years ago, I was worse."