Robinson Cano gets days confused, shows up late

Sun, Feb 20

TAMPA, Fla. -- Robinson Cano showed up in Yankees camp Sunday morning, smiling but somewhat embarrassed by having arrived a day later than the rest of the regulars.

"I got my dates messed up," he said. "It's not funny. I don't like to be late. You guys know I'm always on time."

While the rest of his teammates were taking physicals in Tampa on Saturday morning, Cano was home in New York when he received a phone call from a member of the Yankees staff.

"He said, 'Where are you?' I said, "I'm in New York,"' Cano sheepishly recounted. "I said 'I'll be there for the physical [Sunday]." He says, 'No, the physical's today.' So I apologized and today I'll be ready for the first workout."

Cano led the Yankees with a .319 batting average in 2010 while posting career highs of 29 home runs and 109 RBIs in his first season as the No. 5 hitter. He also won his first Gold Glove and after his breakout season is considered among the best second basemen in the game.

"I would say I'm pretty good," Cano said. "That was my best season so far but I think I can get better at everything."

Cano arrived in Tampa on Saturday night, took his physical early Sunday morning and was in the first group of regulars, along with Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada, to take batting practice.

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