Help us create questions for NFL's Wonderlic Test

Mon, Feb 21

You know what time it is?

It's Wonderlic time!

That's right. The NFL Scouting Combine begins in Indianapolis on Wednesday and ends March 1. Sure, it involves measuring, timing and testing of all types but one aspect of the Combine always draws the most attention:

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. The 50-question, 12-minute test that the NFL has used for almost 30 years to measure the intelligence of football players hoping to become part of the NFL's exclusive and well-paid club.

How smart do you have to be? Well, Dan Marino hates this week each year because it will be mentioned a million times that he got a 16 on his Wonderlic when the overall average for all players is about 20 and, for quarterbacks, 24. (Tim Tebow got a 22 last year but then he turned all the tests into loaves of bread.)

Of course, perhaps they didn't ask the right questions.

And that's what we want from you this week in order to complete our Top Ten list -- your suggestions for the oddest questions that should be asked. Perhaps you will suggest a question that pokes fun at the average intelligence of a football player or perhaps a question that reflects the lifestyle of players or perhaps something entirely different.

In any case, that will be the list: "Top Ten Oddest Questions for 2011 Wonderlic Test."

Send one or more suggestions to -- including your first name, initial of your last name and your location.

Indecently, former Bengal Pat McInally has the only perfect 50-for-50 score in the history of the test's use by the NFL. But McInally from Harvard was a kicker, so what did he need to know?

Another kicker, Sebastian Janikowski, got a 9 and he's done OK.

Of course, quarterback Vince Young got a 6, then retook the test and worked his way up to a 14 so maybe the test does have some value.

But it could be better -- with your help. So send your really odd Wonderlic questions no later than noon Wednesday and return to Page 2 for the Top Ten list on Thursday. Who knows, maybe the NFL will start using our test, too?