Sport Science creates QB combine challenge

Sat, Feb 26

The NFL scouting combine is in its 29th year of evaluating talent, but even the most impressive workouts don't always translate to success on the field. Conversely, some of the league's most talented players once posted cringe-worthy combine performances. Look no further than Tom Brady's 40-yard dash and three Super Bowl titles for evidence of that.

Since it's seemingly impossible to measure the intangibles that contribute to the success of a quarterback with simple drills and tests, Sport Science and ESPN's Year of the Quarterback created our own quarterback combine to put some of the top prospects in this year's draft to the test and determine whether they possess not only the physical skills needed for the NFL but also the proper mentality and confidence necessary to lead a team.

The Sport Science combine begins in a similar fashion to the NFL combine, as measurements and jump heights are taken. But afterward, the quarterbacks begin a six-part journey through the most precise, unconventional challenge they have ever faced:

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