NASCAR-bound Brian Deegan talks about 'zipper'

Tue, Mar 1

Brian Deegan's backflip attempt on the "Viva La Bam"

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Brian Deegan, the most decorated motocross rider in X Games history, is spending this week on a media tour talking about his new venture in NASCAR.

"I've always been a fan of the sport, always watching it as a kid. And I really like this challenge," said the Nebraska-born Deegan, who has won 10 medals at X. "The doors are starting to open for me and other action sports guys. We want to bring a new audience to the sport."

Deegan has joined the NTS Motorsports driver development program with the hopes of moving up to Sprint Cup. He recently was named the 2010 Lucas Oil Racer of the Year.

But this is Page 2, so let's talk about his zipper.

It's not what you think.

"Oh, you're talking about when my insides all came out, right?"

The "zipper" is the long scar down his stomach as a result of an accident on the 2005 taping of MTV's "Viva La Bam." Deegan under-rotated a backflip, and the handlebars hit hard in his midsection. Deegan lost a kidney and lacerated his spleen.

"I would never do that again because I have so much to live for today," said Deegan, who now is married and has three children. "Back then I did backflips and I didn't care. It's probably why I became so successful, though. Today, I think it's safer for me to go 200 mph on a racetrack than trying to do a double backflip in windy conditions!"