Page 2 readers pen top 10 predicted NFL headlines

Thu, Mar 3

When it comes to an NFL season this year, you are really pessimistic.

On Monday, we asked you to create this week's list: "Top 10 Predicted NFL Headlines for 2011." And just to be sure, I went back and checked to see whether I had said you should assume there will be a work stoppage in the NFL this season.

I did not ask that, but almost all of you made that assumption. And with the collective bargaining agreement between the owners and the players set to end Thursday at 11:59 p.m. ET, we are close to the abyss.

One thing I did write Monday was, "Who knows, maybe we will even get the truth?"

Based on your headlines, I sure hope this list isn't the truth, because we can't handle it.

Incidentally, we got some good headlines among the comments section of Monday's call for entries. My favorite from there came from "CaptCannonball," who wrote: "Lockout 2011 -- Somehow This Must Be Belichick's Fault."

We got a lot of suggested headlines involving Patriots coach Bill Belichick, but the person mentioned far more than anyone else was, of course, Brett Favre. Gang, we need to move on -- just as he needs to move on.

The most surprising person mentioned was in this predicted headline: "Cleveland Forgives LeBron, Who Leads Browns With 20 TD Catches," by Chris T. of Marblehead, Mass. But if LeBron James were a replacement star for the Browns, would he jump to the Dolphins in midseason?

Let's get to the list.

Top 10 Predicted NFL Headlines for 2011:

10. "NFL Players Decertify; NFL Owners Certifiable," by Michael T. of Fort Wayne, Ind.

9. "NFL & NBA Locked Out -- Americans Love Ice Hockey!" by Peggy C. of Oviedo, Fla.

8. "NFL Owners Hire Wisconsin Governor To Handle Labor Talks," by Edward S. of Caldwell, Idaho.

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