Help! Tom Brady is ruining the NFL!

Tue, Mar 8

If Roger Goodell and the NFL owners were tempted to cancel the 2011 season, I trust the recent footage of Tom Brady at Carnival has taken that option off the table for good.

Just look at this friggin' guy. Every minute Tom Brady is away from football is another minute for him to embarrass himself. And, more importantly, the NFL brand. This isn't just any NFL player sporting a ponytail and soccer jersey and commenting on the beautiful costumes of Carnival while ... was that dancing? This is Tom Brady. NFL Golden Boy. To borrow Goodell's favorite phrase, Tom Brady is "tarnishing the shield." And give him another day or two in Brazil and he'll probably fringe the shield with feathers and dance through the streets of Rio with it.

Please, Roger Goodell. Please, NFL owners. We need football back to save Tom Brady from himself. It's only early March. Just imagine what Brady will be doing if September rolls around and there's no football for him to play. He might be rocking pigtails at a rave. Or even worse. Yeah, probably worse.

Please agree on a new CBA. Please.

(By the way, did you all see Brady's footwork? More evidence of why it's so easy to beat him if you put any pressure on him. I bet even Drew Bledsoe can dance better than that.)