Taking an inside look at 'MLB The Show'

Thu, Mar 10

Even a video game can have the virtue of sentiment. I am not of our culture's first generation to grow up with video games. When I was a kid we had Pong, the Model T of video games, which held your interest for only so long before you eventually went back to your shoeboxes full of baseball cards. By the time video games evolved to actually become good enough to get sentimental about, my generation was supposed to be too old to care. However, the "MLB The Show" series, which launched its '11 version this week, is arguably the most superbly detailed sports video game yet developed, and I've been all-in -- with a bonus twist.

If you still cherish your attachment to your old baseball cards, and you played enough video games in your 20s to realize how well "The Show" series is produced, I've got the solution: Put those baseball cards IN the video game. We old guys are supposed to pick up relaxing, old-guy hobbies like building model train layouts in our basements. I've been building video baseball players with a computer and a PlayStation 3. If your goal is absolute accuracy, this can become an immensely interesting research project for baseball fans. Here's a blueprint for recreating your favorite players of the past for use in "The Show" series.

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