Elgin Baylor, Jason Babin headline Page 2 Jeopardy!

Fri, Mar 18

Welcome back to another edition of Page 2 Jeopardy!, the quiz that tests your knowledge of sports, pop culture and assorted trivia. Please remember to phrase your responses in the form of a question.

(Correct questions at the end of the quiz.)

1. Answer: The 5th annual Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival will kick off in April with a documentary called "Catching Hell," about this headphone-wearing icon who became a Halloween costume favorite in 2003.

2. Answer: When an attorney cross-examined this polarizing NBA figure about Elgin Baylor's Hall of Fame background, the witness pleaded ignorance, saying, "I didn't know [about] that. I hired him for $3,000 a month. I didn't really know what his role was. ... He was working in a mail-order company back then."

3. Answer: During the NFL lockout, Titans defensive end Jason Babin plans to keep busy by bear hunting in Alaska and training to become this type of caged competitor.

4. Answer: Of Anaheim Pirates, Anaheim Royals or Anaheim Expos, the team name the Sacramento Kings have trademarked in anticipation of a possible move to Anaheim.

5. Answer: Seann William Scott has signed on to reprise this politically incorrect film character.

Question 1: Who is Steve Bartman?

Question 2: Who is Donald Sterling?

Question 3: What is a mixed martial artist?

Question 4: What is Anaheim Royals?

Question 5: Who is Steve Stifler?