'Brunch' asks: Who will show up at NFL draft?

Sun, Mar 20

We're not sure exactly what the decertified NFL players' group (AKA "the union") has planned in New York City on April 28 when the league starts its 2011 Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Maybe they are not sure either.

The first media reports indicated the "players' group" had contacted at least 17 top collegiate prospects and heavily suggested they (and their families and hanger-ons) not go to the Garden for the first round in order to avoid shaking hands with the devil (AKA Satan, Beelzebub or Commissioner Roger Goodell).

The "players' group" quickly backtracked and said they were not forcing the incoming pros to do anything but probably would offer an alternative place to be entertained in the City. That's intriguing. If you wanted to convince these kids to go somewhere else, where would it be?

My three suggestions:

• Free tickets to "Lombardi."

• The New York Public Library at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. (It's a big building with a lot of books. You may have walked by one in college.)

• Ellis Island -- see where all the kickers came from.

And now for some other personal notes from the week's activities while our literary chefs prefer the delicious main courses in this edition of the Brunch:

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