Mike Anderson evokes Arkansas Razorbacks quiz

Thu, Mar 24

Mike Anderson is returning to Arkansas.

The former coach at Missouri and Alabama-Birmingham, a longtime Razorbacks assistant under Nolan Richardson, has been named coach at Arkansas.

So in celebration of the beginning of the Mike Anderson Era, Page 2 presents a brief Arkansas basketball quiz:

1. "Forty minutes of hell" refers to:
a) The playing style exemplified by the 1994 national champion Razorbacks
b) The Dana Altman Era

2. Which former Razorback was nicknamed Big Nasty?
a) Corliss Williamson
b) Oliver Miller

3. Bud Walton Arena is:
a) The Basketball Palace of Mid-America
b) Virtually untouched by fans since 2009

4. Where did Arkansas play home games prior to Bud Walton Arena and Barnhill Arena?
a) Schmitty's Barn
b) We can't even make this stuff up.

5. Which conference was Arkansas in prior to joining the SEC?
a) Southwest
b) Metro
c) Big 8
d) Don't even think of putting the Yankee Conference on this list. That %#$* ain't funny down here.

6. What team did the Razorbacks beat 69-8 during the 1923-24 season?
a) Fort Smith High School Faculty
b) Hey, at least they didn't schedule DePaul that year

Answer key: All answers are A.