Hines Ward counts on Steeler Nation in 'DWTS'

Mon, Mar 28

Now it's all business.

After one week of getting their feet wet, the 11 couples on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" will have to prove to judges and the audiences they are worthy of winning the mirror ball trophy.

"If I have to beg for votes, so be it," said Hines Ward, who is dancing with Kym Johnson. "I think I'm in a great situation because I have Steeler Nation behind me. The fan base is worldwide. I'm going to be leaning on them."

Looking at the first week, the three athletes -- Ward, wrestler Chris Jericho and boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard -- held their own, but the real surprises were "Karate Kid" Ralph Macchio and self-professed "Fat Actress" Kirstie Alley, who were the two highest scorers.

On Monday night, the contestants will dance either the jive or the quickstep. The three judges' scores combined with viewers' votes will decide who gets kicked off on Tuesday.

Jericho, who is paired with Cheryl Burke, said he and the other athletes need to relax and just go with the flow.

"We have to retrain ourselves. I just need to be myself on the dance floor," Jericho said. "In the WWE, I'm playing a character. I need to connect with the audience. I just need to play the role of a dancer."