Brock Lesnar committed to UFC, 'Ultimate Fighter'

Tue, Mar 29

Brock Lesnar wishes people would realize that the WWE and pro wrestling are in his rearview mirror.

But that subject keeps coming up in TV interviews, on message boards and even when fans meet him.

Lesnar, who won the 2000 NCAA heavyweight wrestling championship and then became a three-time WWE champion, has been competing in mixed martial arts since 2007 and even won the Ultimate Fighting Championship belt in 2008.

"I'm committed to ultimate fighting, period. I'm happy now. This is what I want to do," said Lesnar, who stopped by ESPN's office in Bristol, Conn., on Tuesday. "I know people think because I lost my last UFC fight to Cain Velasquez that I want to go back to wrestling, but I'm here in UFC with the goal of winning back my title."

To show his commitment to the sport, Lesnar is coaching one team in the "The Ultimate Fighter," a reality TV series about mixed martial arts produced by Spike TV and the UFC. Season 13 begins Wednesday as Team Lesnar takes on Team dos Santos, coached by Junior dos Santos.

The show features unknown, pro MMA fighters living together in Las Vegas and follows them as they compete against one another for a UFC contract. Lesnar moved his wife and children from Alexandria, Minn., to Las Vegas for the two months of taping -- "to get out of the Minnesota winters" -- and said he enjoyed coaching the up-and-comers.

"With my background in pro wrestling, sometimes I'd get that 'Why should I listen to you?' type of thing from these mixed martial arts guys," Lesnar said. "But they realized that I've done a lot in my career, and I've gone through what they've gone through. So they eventually listen."

The show has been taped already, with the live finale scheduled for June 4 in Las Vegas. A week later, Lesnar will face dos Santos in UFC 131.

"After so many years, I've finally found what I wanted to do with my life," said Lesnar, 33. "I'm ready for these challenges and to win back my title."