Hines Ward to tell story on 'Dancing with Stars'

Mon, Apr 4

Now that we're in the third week of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," the athletes -- boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, football star Hines Ward and wrestler Chris Jericho -- finally have overcome their nerves.

Now on Monday night, it's storytelling time.

The 10 remaining couples -- disc jockey Mike Catherwood was kicked off last week -- have spent the past week learning a new dance and hoping to tell a story in front of three judges and a national TV audience. The results show is Tuesday.

It's going to be interesting to see how the athletes' bodies hold up. Usually about this time in the program -- see previous contestants Rick Fox, Warren Sapp and others -- the aches and pains start showing up, after spending six days a week training.

"As far as my body goes, I am holding up OK," said Ward, who has no ACL in his left knee after an injury as a child. "I am approaching my rehearsals with the same intensity and drive that I would approach football training. … I had my knee scoped right before the show, and that feels fine. So, so far, so good."

For Jericho, dancing has been a great experience, and he has no problems taking a backseat to his partner, Cheryl Burke. He's ready to let it all out Monday.

"You have to leave your ego at the door and not be afraid that you're a novice," said Jericho, a pro wrestler and rock star. "For the longest time, I've been in control. But I'm leaving control up to my partner. And it's not so hard to leave the decisions up to the pretty girl."