Adrian Peterson stars in ad for 'Real Men' series

Mon, Apr 11

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's Demi and Ashton Foundation (DNA) launched its "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" campaign Monday in hopes of educating people about child sex slavery in the United States. The message of the campaign is that "Real Men" don't buy girls but instead respect and protect them.

DNA will release several short interactive videos about things "Real Men" do -- starring Justin Timberlake, Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, Jason Mraz, Ashton Kutcher, Drake, Adrian Peterson and Isaiah Mustafa. Additional supporters include Harrison Ford, Piers Morgan, Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara. Supporters of the cause can create their own videos by inserting their photos alongside the celebs at

Kutcher said using sports stars such as Peterson makes sense because major sporting events are often among the biggest drivers for sex trafficking.

"Every year traffickers clamor toward major events -- the Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics -- to sell girls," Kutcher said via email. "The statistics are staggering. 'The Super Bowl is one of the biggest human trafficking events in the United States,' Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott told a trafficking prevention meeting in January 2011. Sex slavery is an elastic trade -- by reducing demand you increase the price and by increasing price you reduce the demand. So our hope is that we can reduce demand by having influential sports figures stand up and say, you are not a 'Real Man' and you are not a 'Real Fan' if you engage in such activity."

Kutcher added that Peterson was a perfect candidate for the message.

"Adrian is arguably the best and most well-known running back in the NFL, and his influence with young men everywhere is massive," Kutcher said. "He volunteered to be a part of this 'Real Men' campaign, and we are happy to have him."

Kutcher said he hopes the star power will help other sports stars follow suit.

"I hope that other athletes will join in the conversation about child sex slavery and have the guts to step forward and help this fight. My ultimate hope is that the fans listen and participate and we create a cultural shift around the buying and selling of humans," he said. "The average age of entry into the forced sex trade is 13. No 13-year-old girl chooses to be exploited for sex. Real men, real fans don't buy girls."