Readers give reasons Heat won't win NBA title

Thu, Apr 14

This one was easy. Just say "Miami Heat," then stand back and listen to you vent. As one Page 2 reader wrote: "Give the Miami Heat credit for replacing the Los Angeles Lakers -- as the most hated team in basketball."

And, of course, when it comes to dislike, LeBron James is king.

Ben K. of Juneau, Alaska, suggests the word "LeBron" is taking on a new meaning in our national lexicon. Ben remembers when LeBron was in Cleveland and we kept hearing phrases such as "LeBron's 50 points not enough" or "LeBron's efforts not enough," so he suggests "LeBron" actually means "not enough."

"Supposed you're trying to sell a car worth $20,000 and some dude only offers $10,000," Ben wrote. "Your reply should be 'Hey, man, don't try to LeBron me!'"

Harsh, Ben, harsh.

Not everyone felt that way, however. About one out of every four emails received let me know that I am not a nice man for asking you to create "Top 10 Reasons Heat Won't Win a Championship."

Here's one from Alexander of Miami: "Stop hating on LeBron and the Heat. Now we know why you are on Page 2. It's because you're insignificant to the real sports commentary world."

Could be.

Let's get to the list:

Top 10 Reasons Heat Won't Win a Championship

10. "Two words -- Chicago Bulls," wrote Peggy C. of Oviedo, Fla.

9. "They came 'thisclose' to signing Eddie Curry as either a free-agent center or a barge in the Miami River," wrote Fred B. of Fort Wayne, Ind.

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