Will Muschamp talks Jimbo Fisher, beach house

Fri, Apr 22

Florida coach Will Muschamp lived in Gainesville, Fla., for nine years growing up. He played college football at Georgia, was on Nick Saban's staff at LSU where he was an assistant alongside Tennessee coach Derek Dooley, and served as defensive coordinator at Auburn.

It's easy to guess Muschamp knows a few folks around the neighborhood. He's got family all over those parts.

But co-owning a beach house with the head coach of one of the Gators' archrivals is taking it to extremes.

Muschamp and Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher, who worked together on Terry Bowden's Auburn staff in the mid-1990s and then were Saban's coordinators at LSU from 2001 to 2004, are close friends. During their time in Baton Rouge, Fisher and Muschamp invested in a little real estate in Panama City, Fla.

"We had an opportunity with a friend of ours that wanted to go in on a house on the beach," Muschamp said during a visit to ESPN. "We've had it, I'd say altogether, we've co-owned it close to 10 years now. But who would've thought, as we work through this year, that the head coaches at Florida and Florida State own a house together."

"I bet you a Florida and Florida State coach have never shared a beach house," Fisher told ESPN in December, when he first dropped that little bit of info.

Muschamp understands football passion in the Southeast, and knows this could come as a little bit of a shock. As a matter of fact, during the interview process, he wasn't asked about it, and laughs that he didn't divulge it voluntarily.

"I didn't tell [Florida athletic director] Jeremy Foley during the interview that it was part of the deal," he said with a smile.

It's a perfect prepackaged reality show idea, no? Muschamp sneaks out back to call a recruit while Fisher whips up some margaritas. That rascal Muschamp finds Fisher's playbook lying around, secretly replaces it with Folgers Crystals.

In reality, it's not all that exciting, Muschamp says. They work out the stays so they're not overlapping, and as head coaches, well, there's not much time for leisure.

"We've been so busy with spring ball and recruiting that we haven't had a lot of time," Muschamp said, adding that he talked to Fisher last week. "We haven't visited the house."