Rank 'em: Best 'Wide World of Sports' Moments

Tue, Apr 26
by SportsNation

For five decades ABC's "Wide World of Sports" spanned the globe to bring you "the thrill of victory ... and the agony of defeat." And now, to celebrate the series' 50th anniversary, we're giving you, the fans, the chance to determine the most memorable moments in the history of the show.

A variety of sporting competitions featured on "Wide World of Sports" that best exemplified "the human drama of athletic competition," from Evel Knievel's jumps over Snake River Canyon to Tiger Woods winning the British Open in 2000 as the youngest champion ever. So take a walk down memory lane and let us know which ones you deem the most memorable.

Results will be revealed Friday on "SportsNation" (ESPN2, 4 p.m. ET).

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