Page 2's modest statement on Donald Trump

Fri, May 6
Donald TrumpMatthew Cavanaugh/Getty ImagesDonald Trump is back where he belongs -- being driven around by someone else.

Editor's note: In light of Donald Trump pulling out of driving the pace car at the upcoming Indianapolis 500, Page 2 issues the following statement:

Page 2 hates to say we told you so. Actually, that's not true. We love to say we told you so.

As such: we told you so. Ha ha.

Also, we're honored. Very honored. And proud. Not proud of Donald Trump. Proud of ourselves. Very proud, actually, because we've been able to accomplish something that nobody else has been able to accomplish: get Trump to withdraw from his shady, disturbing and possibly illegal Indianapolis 500 pace car-driving duties.

Yes, there was a Facebook group dedicated to dumping Trump. And yes, members of the Indiana State Legislature were concerned. But only Page 2 demanded to see Trump's driver's license. Only we pointed out that it was pretty unusual for a guy who typically rolls in a chauffeured limo -- that is, when he's not using a private chopper to get around Manhattan and/or the back nine -- suddenly and mysteriously finding himself behind the wheel of the most important car in the country, only no one has definitive, documented legal proof that Trump is qualified to do so.

Trump claims he is pulling out of the Indy 500 because it would be "inappropriate" for him to participate given that he "may be announcing shortly his intention" to run for president. And maybe that's true. Or maybe it's not. Or maybe it's just a way to juice ratings for "Celebrity Apprentice."

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