Welcome Back, Dodgers: Bums belong in Brooklyn!

Thu, May 12
Brooklyn DodgersESPN.com Illustration

From the moment the Major League Baseball commissioner's office took over the Los Angeles Dodgers late last month, an opportunity to right a 54-year historical wrong has been dangling right in front of Bud Selig.

Move the Dodgers back to Brooklyn.

It's an idea that has been dismissed as illogical and immoral. However, with an open mind, you might just be swayed to believe not only that it can happen but that it should.

Page 2's grand scheme would better distribute MLB franchises to the American population centers and turn a destitute franchise profitable (and Dodgers would make money, too). The Yankees would come out winners, and incredibly, so would the Mets. Our plan addresses the need for temporary and permanent homes for the Dodgers in Brooklyn with venues that are well-suited for baseball and centrally located.

MLB should listen -- not just because there's a ton of money and long-term interests of the game at stake. Returning the Dodgers to Brooklyn would provide justice for an unthinkable 54-year-old crime once and for all.

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