Victor Ortiz, WBC boxing champ, sings 'Catwalk'

Fri, May 13

Have you seen boxer Manny Pacquiao singing "Imagine"?

How about Oscar De La Hoya singing "Run to Me" several years ago?

Well, here's a link to the single by Victor Ortiz, the new WBC welterweight champion, that really isn't too shabby. The song is called "Catwalk."

"It's about my ex-girlfriend of about four years who was creeping with other guys while we were together," said the 24-year-old Ortiz, who beat Andre Berto for the title in April. "So it's about her and what I was going through before and after the breakup."

Ortiz has been writing music for years "since I was fat kid getting beaten up all the time", and his friends urged him to put his words to beats and release a song. Growing up in Kansas and moving to California as a teenager, he prefers to sing hip-hop.

"I know that boxing will always come first in my life, but writing music has helped me relax. It's like my therapy," Ortiz said. "I'd like to be the Mexican-American version of Drake. I see myself telling stories with my songs."