'Cavs For Mavs' campaign takes off in Cleveland

Tue, May 31
CLEVELAND -- Fans in Cleveland have jumped on the bandwagon during the NBA Finals, and it's not to support former Cavaliers star LeBron James. "Cavs for Mavs" style. Moments after learning that the most hated athlete in all of Cleveland will be playing for the NBA championship, George Vlosich felt restless and unsettled. He had to do something. The Cleveland artist and graphic designer sat at his computer. He saw messages pouring onto Facebook from friends declaring that they were now, unequivocally and undeniably, Dallas Mavericks fans. They had no choice. And he was struck with an idea. Vlosich quickly designed a T-shirt that embodies exactly what most every NBA fan in Cleveland is thinking: He took the old-time orange "Cavs" logo, slapped a big, blue "M" over the "C" and hung a cowboy hat off the "S" on the end. "Cavs for Mavs". Sure, it's more about rooting against James -- the player who so famously took his talents to South Beach less than a year ago -- than rooting for the Mavericks. But in a city that is accustomed to heartbreak from its sports teams, a fanbase that still mourns "The Drive," "The Shot," and "The Fumble," as infamous ends to their championship aspirations in recent decades, it qualifies as a constructive way to focus anger and angst.

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