This Day in History: Madden game is released

Wed, Jun 1

Please excuse our extended introduction of this particular "This Day in History" clip, as it is one that has touched millions of lives.

Before June 1, 1988, one's dreams of NFL glory would harshly and quickly die in high school. All that would change when EA Sports released "John Madden Football." Now those dreams would get the Contra Code treatment, living forever -- or as long as you were economically able to drop $50 ever summer when the new version came out.

It became a social network uber-franchise decades before Facebook even existed. The game was the ultimate unifier between the real jocks and the quick-thumbed cellar dwellers where gridiron glory was (virtually) up for grabs. Forget head trauma, the only injury one could suffer is the ignominy of losing in front of your colleagues (aka, dudes sitting on the couch with you) or when your star player was picked up by the Madden ambulance.

So today we salute you, Madden, for bringing all of us together and always being one "Ask Madden" button click away.