Dallas: World Series, Super Bowl and NBA Finals

Sat, Jun 4

DALLAS -- Howdy, y'all. Welcome to the center of the sports world.

You reckon that's a bold claim for the Metroplex to make?

Try finding another region that has hosted a Super Bowl, World Series and NBA Finals within a year.

We'll save you the work. You've gotta go back more than four decades and all the way west to Los Angeles, which had the Lakers lose to the Celtics in the 1966 NBA Finals, had the Dodgers lose to the Orioles in the 1966 World Series and hosted Super Bowl I in January 1967.

That triple play will be completed in these parts when Game 3 of the deadlocked Finals between the Mavericks and Miami Heat tips off Sunday night at the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas. Plus, we can claim the tiebreaker over those L.A. pretty boys, having hosted an attendance-record-setting NBA All-Star Game only 16 months ago.

Call it a coincidence or a crazy run of luck if you want. But you might have heard that everything's bigger in Texas, and this might just be the beginning of something really big.

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