We look at wardrobe malfunctions in badminton

Sun, Jun 5

Once again what should have been the really big sports news story of the week went barely noticed. What's wrong with you people? When the blood starts flowing in the streets, you can't complain because you were warned.

This time it's bad news for badminton. Or more exactly, bad badminton news that was barely averted.

The badminton federation (kind of like the Star Trek Federation except that you can wear a red jersey and live past the first commercial break) was going to enact a rule this past week that would require female players to wear dresses or skirts. Oh, the women could have the freedom of wearing shorts or long pants -- as long as they were beneath a dress or skirt.

As you might have guessed, a mighty wind of protest shook the very foundation of the badminton federation. So they said it needed further study. Right.

But here's the alarming quote from a member of the federation's executive council: "It is still our contention to focus on a better presentation of the game, but we will like to broaden the scope to include both men and women."

What? The men will have to wear a dress or skirt?

Funny game, badminton.

While we are practicing our badminton serve, here are a few more notes from the week that was before we move on to the main courses in the Sunday Brunch:

• Shaq has retired and we both live in Orlando. Hey, big guy, we could hang out. How about some shuffleboard and then we'll terrify them at the seniors' buffet?

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