Stunts, marriage proposal highlight Nitro Circus

Tue, Jun 7

If you're looking for life lessons, Las Vegas is probably not somewhere you'd stop on your search. Nor is a circus run by Travis Pastrana and a gang of action sports stars. But Saturday night at the North American debut of Nitro Circus Live, the conversations being held in the crowd of nearly 10,000 were as much about life as they were about the stunts being performed on the floor. I know, because I was involved in many of them. Others, I simply listened in on and took notes. Fortunately for those of you who couldn't make the trip, I have this column, where I can share those notes and impart to you the wisdom of the Nitro Circus.

If You Ride It, You Jump It

At the start of the show, the first rule of Nitro Circus is explained to the crowd. If an athlete is seen riding something, be it a Barbie Corvette, a Razor scooter or a 250-pound dirtbike while toting two kids on the front, he or she must carry it to the top of a 50-foot wooden staircase and ride it down the Giganta Ramp or use it to hit a metal moto kicker. While this is happening, the crowd is chanting, "If you ride it, you jump it!" It's a cute device used throughout the show. It's also the crew's mantra. If you start something, finish it. If you do something, do it full out. If you ride it, jump it.

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