Readers: 10 reasons your baseball team is broke

Thu, Jun 9
Free beerAP Photo/David Zalubowski"You hold 'Free Beer Night' and don't sell out," said Ben M. of Peoria, Ill.

Outstanding work this week by you. Clearly many of you are bothered by the shaky financial shape of numerous major league baseball teams. We asked for suggestions on how to create a list of "Top 10 Tips Your Baseball Team Is Broke," and you replied in great numbers and strong wit.

Granted, there may have been some "borrowing" going on. Either that or many of you had a psychic experience by simultaneously suggesting either "The Bobblehead giveaway is a superball wedged onto a spork" or "Players' uniforms have 'Chico's Bail Bonds' stitched on the back.'"

Beyond that, we had far more than 10 worthy tips, so I apologize to all those who are not included here. Blame me. Now let's get to the list -- and Dodgers, Cubs, Mets, et al should really pay attention 'cause you might want to adopt some of these:

Top 10 Tips Your Baseball Team Is Broke

10. "Your bullpen cart is repossessed," said Chris N. of Bellmawr, N.J.

9. "You hold 'Free Beer Night' and don't sell out," said Ben M. of Peoria, Ill.

8. "Your manager has a tip jar on his desk," said Dave H. of Gainesville, Fla.

7. "Max Bialystock hatches a plot involving selling shares of your team," said John R. of St. Petersburg, Fla. (You've got to love "The Producers" to get this one. I love "The Producers.")

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