Miami Herald ad mistakenly celebrates Heat title

Mon, Jun 13

Miami New Times reports that reading Monday's Miami Herald sports section is doubly painful for Heat fans.

Not only is there the inevitable coverage of the Dallas Mavericks championship victory, there's a large advertisement for Heat championship apparel from Macy's that says, "Congratulations Miami!"

AdWeek reports that the same thing happened in 2009, when the Philadelphia Inquirer ran Macy's ads congratulating the Phillies on a second straight World Series title, when the Yankees had actually won.

A member of the Herald's advertising department told the Poynter Institute's Jim Romenesko that the paper was investigating how it happened.

The Herald published a correction on its website, saying the ad "was mistakenly published on page 11D of the June 13th edition of The Miami Herald. We regret the error and apologize for any inconvenience."