Matt Howard shows return of mustache, goatee

Wed, Jun 15

Check out that sweet mustache and goatee on NBA prospect Matt Howard.

Yes, it looks a little scrawny and isn't coming in all that well, but he's keeping it.

"It's sort of nasty looking, and check out how the goatee is coming in red," said Howard, who hopes to be drafted late in the second round of the NBA draft next week. "It's coming back kind of weak and doesn't look like much, but it's so much easier to maintain."

In 2010, Howard and his mustache were all the rage as the Butler Bulldogs stormed the NCAA tournament and lost to Duke in the championship game. The players were winning and winning, and they agreed to keep their facial hair. After awhile, the girlfriends and family members were getting on the team, and most everyone eventually cut it off.

Not Howard.

"My sister and a lot of people thought it was magical," said Howard, one of 10 kids growing up in Connersville, Ind. "So I decided to keep it."

Well, this past season, the 6-foot-8, 230-pound Howard returned for his senior year and didn't bring back the mustache and goatee. And, once again, the Bulldogs roared through the NCAA tournament and, this time, lost to Connecticut in the championship game.

"See, it clearly wasn't the mustache," he said.

But with the NBA draft next week and Howard working out for 12 NBA teams to show his talents, he thinks it's just easier to keep it shaggy.

"Do you think it makes me look older? I know it doesn't look right, but that's OK," Howard said. "I don't even have to shave much. I'm just trying to be different."