Devin Hester passionate about role as a father

Fri, Jun 17

If there was an instruction manual for dads, it would be thicker than the NCAA rules book.

Infant car seat installation? Page 36. How to coach little league without teaching new words to the kids? Chapters 30-40. When it comes to doing raising the kids, dads can be many different things.

Devin Hester, wide receiver for the Chicago Bears and father to 18-month old Devin, knows dads can be something else: absent.

As a kid, most of Hester's friends had just their mothers around.

"You see the outcome of how all of them, not one, but all of them, planned their life without a father figure," Hester said. "It really affects the kids as they are growing up."

This realization, along with being a daddy to Devin, motivated Hester to start thinking about what really matters off of the football field. He saw what happened to his friends growing up without a father figure, but it wasn't until he had his own son that he realized just how important a father is to a child's development. This offseason, Hester decided to turn this passion into writing a parenting column for Chicago's award- winning parenting magazine, Chicago Parent.

Hester spends a lot of time visiting places around Chicago with Devin, and his parenting column really captures his happiness of being a father. Even though he has a dream job, Hester looks forward to coming home every day.

"Ya know, it's always the same regardless of how my day is going," Hester said, about the joy he finds in seeing little Devin. "It could be a bad day, or a great day, but his expression on his face seeing me walk through the door -- you have to have a son to experience that situation."

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