Tim Tebow draws huge crowd for book signing

Tue, Jun 21
Super TebowCourtesy of HarperCollins That's brothers Robby, left, and Peter, right, surrounding Super Tebow, the young Tim Tebow.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Sure, Tim Tebow's rookie campaign excited him.

But a lot about it wore him out.

You know, all that fact-checking, organizing, cutting and editing...

"It's harder than most people would think," Tebow said.

Tebow Book
Harper CollinsTim Tebow's book is a 250-plus-page memoir titled "Through My Eyes."

Tebow, of course, is talking about his first go as an author, which resulted in a 250-plus-page memoir titled "Through My Eyes," co-written with Nathan Whitaker (who also co-wrote "Quiet Strength" with Tony Dungy).

The book -- which he and Whitaker started writing last fall and finished after the season -- features stories from the 23-year-old's life, from his birth in the Philippines to his upbringing in Jacksonville, Fla., to his legend-making college days at the University of Florida to his first NFL season in Denver.

The themes are classic Tebow: Football, family, faith, and his immense dedication to all three.

And the result? Predictably strong for the eminently popular Heisman Trophy winner; released May 31 by HarperCollins, on June 19 the book jumped onto the New York Times Bestseller list, at No. 6 for hardcover nonfiction. This week it moved up to No. 5, one spot ahead of Tina Fey's.

Tebow also has seen the support in person, holding six book signings -- four in Florida, two in Colorado -- which have been flooded with fans of his football, his message, or both.

And so, with a large crowd gathered Monday night outside Books & Books -- not far from the campus of rival University of Miami -- Tebow sat down with Page 2 to talk writing, reminiscing, meeting his fans, and more.

What's it like having this book out there?

"That's something that's a lot of fun. Because a lot of [the] stories people don't know. But also the stories they do know -- maybe it was a little different than they thought, or how the media portrays it. ... So that was kind of exciting for me to be able to [tell]."

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