A-Rod's latest quote among favorites in rivalry

Sun, Jul 3

The best part of interleague play are the natural rivalries. As a lifetime New York Met fan, I enjoy the New York rivalry against the Yankees. I would enjoy it more if the Mets were more successful, but you can't have everything, I guess.

Here are six quotes about the Yankees and Mets, including some excerpted from my book, "Yankee Shorts, 501 of the Funniest One Liners":

1. "Putting the Yankee uniform on every day."

-- Joe DiMaggio, asked his greatest thrill in baseball

2. "Our first game was April 10, 1962. And it was our best game. It was rained out."

-- Casey Stengel, manager of the 'Amazin' Mets

3. "Mickey Mantle can hit just as good right handed as he can left handed. He's just naturally amphibious."

-- Yogi Berra, Yankees legendary catcher

4. "They have the world's greatest player right now, playing shortstop out there."

-- Alex Rodriguez, on Mets' Jose Reyes

5. "The secret of success as a pitcher lies in getting a job with the Yankees."

-- Waite Hoyt, Hall of Fame pitcher

6. "I have no trouble with the 12 inches between my elbow and my palm. It's the seven inches between my ears that's bent."

-- Tug McGraw, legendary Mets reliever

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