Readers, help us come up reasons you love NFL

Mon, Jul 18

The time is nigh. Or as God once said in a Monty Python skit: "Get on with it!"

For months, media experts have been confidently predicting the end of the NFL lockout. We were sure it was going to be over on the July Fourth weekend because that seemed so appropriate. Well, we then knew July 15 was the "drop dead date." We didn't drop dead but the lockout did not end either.

Now we consider it a mortal lock that the lockout ends this week. You can count on it because we're never wrong! We are the media! If we stick to our guns, we'll be right eventually.

Just in case we are right this week, it's time to be prepared. For starters, all of us -- you included -- need to admit that we are pro football addicts, so we won't carry any grudges once the NFL year officially begins. Just give us our fix and all is forgiven.

Which leads us to this week's list: "Top 10 Reasons We Love the NFL." Time to tell us what it is about the NFL that charges your battery and flips your switch. Do we want sarcasm and snide? Of course 'cause that's who we are and what we do.

As usual send your suggestions to -- including your first name, initial of your last name and your location. You have until noon Wednesday and look for the list here Thursday.

Hey, James Harrison -- you're invited to play.