Readers give reasons they love return of NFL

Thu, Jul 21

The NFL is coming! The NFL is coming!

Well, it had better be coming or somebody is in big trouble. Of course, when you stop and think about it, the NFL hasn't really been away. After all, we've probably talked about it more this summer than any summer before. And, truth be told, we haven't missed a single game.

However, doesn't it feel wrong if we only miss one game and it's called the Hall of Fame Game? Still, it that's our only casualty, we'll call it collateral damage and happily move on. Why? Because we love us some real NFL.

That's the basis for our reader-generated list for this week. A chance to celebrate our love for the NFL -- but in our usual snarky way. Hundreds of you responded and the three teams mentioned most, in order, are the Bengals, Bears and Giants. This doesn't mean you loved those three teams because most of the mentions were not kind.

Let's get to the list.

Top 10 reasons we love the NFL

10. "Would really love the NFL without a preseason because that would be a 16-course meal without the Brussels sprouts," said Mike M. of Wilmington, Del.

9. "Love the NFL because there is no chance there will be a 5-hour, 44-minute game played in a concrete warehouse filled to just 59 percent capacity. Oh yeah, and even if it happened, it couldn't end 1-0," said Mark M. of Apopka, Fla.

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