Brett Dennen talks about A's, his music video

Mon, Jul 25

Singer-songwriter Brett Dennen says while growing up in Northern California, households in his neighborhood were divided by color: the orange and black of the San Francisco Giants or the green and gold of the Oakland A's.

"I don't know if most A's fans want to admit this, but the Giants were the popular, high-class team and the A's were the working-class, underdog team," Dennen said. "That's why I still love them today."

The A's organization is aware of that love.

"Around the time we were thinking of shooting my next music video, my manager got an email from the A's saying they knew I was a big fan and wanted to invited me to sing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'," Dennen said. "That's always been a dream of mine."

At an April game versus the Texas Rangers, Dennen lived out his childhood dream and, during the seventh-inning stretch, led a sing-along at the Coliseum. He also spent a couple of hours before the game shooting the video for "Comeback Kid, (That's My Dog!)" a sports-inspired song on his latest album, "Loverboy."

Page 2 caught up with Dennen at his home in Santa Monica to talk baseball and life on the road.

You said that now, as an adult, you love the underdog nature of the A's. But what drew you to them as a kid?

"I didn't know much about baseball, but I would beg my dad to take me to Giants games because I saw people wearing their hats. It seemed like everyone rooted for the Giants. I grew up in a town called Oakdale, which was about two hours from San Francisco. But it was 20 minutes from a little town called Modesto. The A's had a farm team there called the Modesto A's and my dad realized he could take me to games that were 20 minutes away and only cost $5. So really I was a Modesto A's fan before I was an Oakland A's fan."

Do you have a favorite memory from a game?

"There is one very special moment and it goes back to my 10th birthday. Oct. 28, 1989. Back then the World Series was usually over by the second week of October. But because of the earthquake in San Francisco, the games were delayed and the series extended into my birthday. The A's ended up winning the World Series against the San Francisco Giants. On my birthday. It was the coolest birthday ever."

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