Readers give reasons why we need Brett Favre

Thu, Jul 28
Brett Favre & Michael VickHunter Martin/Getty ImagesWhat are the chances that Brett Favre and Michael Vick work together?

While we were putting together this week's Top 10 list, Brett Favre's agent Bus Cook tried to keep us from kicking Favre's image beneath the proverbial bus by declaring that Favre is "retired period."

Uh huh.

There's the sun rising in the East. There's taxes (no matter how high the debt ceiling). And there's Brett Favre coming out of retirement. It's Nature's way of things.

So despite what his agent said, we asked you for the "Top 10 Reasons We Need Brett Favre." Much to our shock and dismay, a large percentage of those that responded apparently do not need Brett at all. But Bill P. of Tualatin, Ore., provided a reason that may work for most of us:

"Every sport needs a villain. Baseball has the Yankees (and A-Rod), the NBA has LeBron and now the PGA Tour has Tiger. All were once acclaimed superstars but many have turned on them now. Brett was a beloved player but has worn out his welcome by stringing along fans and media. Sorry, James Harrison, but Brett Favre is the villain that the NFL needs."

He's got a point. How exciting would "Star Wars" be without Darth Vader?

It's not surprising that most of your reasons for needing Brett were sarcastic (especially considering it's what we do, who we are). But we disqualified all suggestions that mentioned photographs of Brett's anatomy (and there were a lot of those). Even after eliminating those, we had no trouble completing the list:

Top 10 Reasons We Need Brett Favre

10. "So many defenders fell in love with the end zone that they crave Favre's return," said Rabbi Daniel P. of St. Louis.

9. "Every Fantasy League needs Favre so we can all get a good laugh when some dope picks him in the second round," said Jack F. of Falls Church, Va.

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