5 great quotes about baseball's trade deadline

Sun, Jul 31

In honor of the trade deadline in baseball, here are five great quotes from my books Baseball Shorts and Yankee Shorts.

1. "Nobody knows this, but one of us has just been traded to Kansas City."

-- Casey Stengel, on breaking the news to Bob Cerv that he had been traded from the Yankees to Kansas City

2. "Being traded is like celebrating your 100th birthday. It might not be the happiest occasion in the world, but consider the alternative."

-- former player and announcer Joe Garagiola

3. "I've had more numbers on my back than a bingo board."

-- Rocky Bridges, former major-leaguer, on being on seven teams in 11 years

4. "I'm not sure which is more insulting, being offered in a trade or having it turned down."

-- Claude Osteen, former pitcher

5. "Trade a player a year to early than a year to late."

-- Branch Rickey, Hall of Fame baseball executive

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