Help us with 10 hints you're not in playing shape

Mon, Aug 1

Week One of the NFL Rebirth is over and we've already had one shocking development: Albert Haynesworth has passed his physical with his new team, the New England Patriots. His old team, the Washington Redskins, want a recount.

Haynesworth's unexpected success at simply being healthy enough to walk on to the practice field reminds us of a potential problem for all 32 NFL teams. How many players kept themselves in decent shape during the months' long lockout?

Would you? Visualize yourself saying: "Sorry, honey, can't go to that barbecue picnic today at the beach because I've got to jog 15 miles in case the lockout ends soon."

We know some players probably stayed in reasonably good shape and we know some did not. Human nature. Right, Jets Coach Rex Ryan? And that's the basis for this week's reader-generated list: "Top 10 Hints You're Not in Playing Shape."

You know the drill. Send your suggestions to -- along with your first name, initial of your last name and your home town. You have until noon Wednesday. The list will appear here Thursday.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to do some pushups: One ....uh, one and a half.... Let's take a break.