Page 2's most memorable Randy Moss moments

Mon, Aug 1

It lasted 13-plus years and winded through West Virginia, Minnesota, Oakland, New England and Nashville. Now it's over.

The Randy Moss Rollercoaster finally has come to a stop.

But Page 2 isn't jumping off just yet. We're looking back on the up-and-down career of the talented, talkative and always entertaining wide receiver, a ride with more twists than something you'd find at Six Flags:

Up: The numbers

He set records for most TD catches by a rookie (17 with the Vikings), a college player (25, plus one in his bowl game), and a pro (23 with the Patriots), and his 153 overall ranks second all-time, only to a guy named Rice.

Down: The playoffs

He never won a title, posted only three games of 100-plus yards (in 12 starts), and saw his biggest catch -- a late go-ahead touchdown in Super Bowl XLII -- almost instantly overshadowed by the David Tyree miracle.

Up: The upset

In 2004, Moss and Minnesota stormed through Lambeau with a 31-17 win over the rival Packers, aided by two Moss TDs (one-fifth of his career playoff total).

Down: The mooning

After one of those scores, Moss fake-mooned the crowd. And we're thankful for the "fake" part.

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