Dennis Lamp, Adam Silver make All-Dream Team

Sat, Aug 6

The Philadelphia Eagles, winners of the NFL's version of speed dating known as Free Agency 2011, have already received the "Dream Team" label from a couple of observers. We're not sure about that, but fans of a team that has never won the Super Bowl can be forgiven if they allow their minds to wander in the otherwise inconsequential interlude of August. We prefer to list our own Dream Team rather than make predictions. Here goes:

Sleepy Bill Burns: Contrary to the nickname, Burns kept his fielders from daydreaming in a five-year MLB career from 1908-12. He walked fewer than two batters per game and struck out fewer than three.

Bamba Fall: At 7-1, the Senegalese basketball player, most recently a member of the Maine Red Claws in the NBDL, has a long way to fall. And falling is one of the most common bad dreams anybody can have. Psychologists say it's important to seek some form of help after such visions because they can suggest despair.

Dennis Lamp: It's not all scary and disturbing. A lamp in your dreams indicates you have found "hope, guidance and inspiration" in your life, according to As for Dennis Lamp, he provided considerable light for the 1985 Blue Jays, going 11-0 in 52 relief appearances and one start. Only one man has won more games without a loss in a season. That's Tom Zachary, who went 12-0 for none other than the 1929 New York Yankees, the team that caused more nightmares than any other in baseball history.

Rem Murray: NHL veteran Raymond Joseph Murray of Stratford, Ontario somehow became "Rem," but the nickname apparently isn't related to Rapid Eye Movement, the type of sleep in which most vivid dreams occur. Murray's dreams of playing pro hockey were so strong in fact that he returned to the ice even though doing so required him to pay back a $1 million disability insurance policy he originally collected when a neurological condition appeared to end his career in 2004. Murray, who played 80 or more games in four seasons, played for HIFK Helsinki for two seasons after his NHL days ended.

Adam Silver: Dream analysts say silver represents "justice and purity." NBA players might dispute that in the case of the league's deputy commissioner, one of the point men in the ongoing labor issues, but owners would likely side with another interpretation of silver in reverie: an almost magical shielding presence.