Help us with top 10 movies starring sports stars

Mon, Aug 8

"Cowboys and Quarterbacks."

It's the stunning sequel to "Cowboys and Aliens" and stars Tony Romo as the man caught in the middle of a range war. He's a Cowboy and he's a quarterback! Which side is he on?

Not really, but it's high concept, right?

The blockbuster summer is almost over in theaters while the blockbuster fall is gearing up in stadiums and arenas (well, perhaps not NBA arenas) around the country. And our reader-generated list this week will mix-and-match famous or fictitious flicks with real sports personalities:

"Top 10 movies starring sports stars."

Besides "Cowboys and Aliens," inspiration comes from some Pittsburgh Steelers who are really appearing in "The Dark Knight Rises," the next in the never-ending list of Batman movies.

The movie, which has been filming around Pittsburgh, was scheduled to take its cameras to Heinz Field on Saturday. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and other Steelers were set to perform in what will appear to be a "Gotham City" game in the film.

Assuming it's not supposed to be a Super Bowl, this time the Steelers may have a shot.

And you have a shot at helping compile this week's list. Choose anyone connected with sports and put them in the perfect role -- either in an actual film or an imaginary film of your choosing. Give us the name of the movie, the name of the sports personality and a short explanation why it would be a film we wouldn't want to miss.

Send your suggestions to -- along with your first name, initial of your last name and your location. You have until noon Wednesday. Look for the list here on Thursday.

Seriously, "Cowboys and Quarterbacks" would be a smash because Jerry Jones would purchase all the tickets to guarantee its success. Hmmmm, Jerry Jones -- what would be the perfect film for him?