Here are 5 great quotes about PGA Championship

Sun, Aug 14

We are upon the final leg of golf's four majors: the PGA Championship. It is certainly very strange to have Tiger Woods not make the cut. Love him or hate him, he being competitive on Sunday generates much-needed publicity. Through the years, the PGA Championship has generated a lot of great quotes. Here are five of the best:

1. "I looked like I knew what I was doing at times, and at other times I looked liked a 20-handicapper."

-- Arnold Palmer, on the 1968 PGA where he tied for second

2. "Where can you go to have a good cry?"

-- Mike Reid, after blowing a three-stroke lead on the the last three holes of the 1989 PGA

3. "The minute you turn your back, the government has created another agency."

-- Lord Halifax, after golf great Gene Sarazan told him that he was going to the PGA

4. "It's so long that figuring distances on some holes, you have to reckon in the curvature of the earth."

-- David Feherty, on the 1992 PGA Championship held at the Crooked Stick Golf Course

5. "One of my attributes is that when I get ahead, I seldom fold. The trouble is I don't get the lead that often."

-- Dave Stockton, on winning the 1976 PGA Championship

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