Terrell Owens talks 'T.O. Show' and knee injury

Tue, Aug 16

LOS ANGELES -- Back in the day, Terrell Owens liked to prompt his followers with a missive that would become his catchphrase, alerting fans, opponents and pundits alike to an electrifying performance to come: "Get your popcorn ready."

It's been only four months since the prolific and often controversial wide receiver underwent ACL surgery, but Owens' fans may want to have his favorite snack food within arms-reach, anyway.

On Monday, Owens ran full-speed routes and caught several darn near impossible balls on a field at the Home Depot Center, home of the LA Galaxy. The workout -- which was conducted under the supervision of his trainers and captured by television cameras for his reality series, "The T.O. Show" -- was the free agent's warning shot to the league, signaling his almost game-ready progress following a surgery that, for many, is a career-ending procedure.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the injury left many questions unanswered when it was reported in late-June: How and when did it happen? Did it occur during taping for "The T.O. Show"? Was the 6-time Pro Bowler going to call it a career? Owens wasn't talking, then, leaving his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, to address the rumors.

He's talking now.

After the workout, Owens, 37, sat down with ESPN.com to answer questions about his injury and recovery (which will be documented in the third season of "The T.O. Show," premiering Monday on VH1) and to forecast what may be the final chapter in one of the most storied careers in NFL history.

In the first season of "The T.O. Show," you were having fun, looking for a girl. In season 2, you were moving to Buffalo. The third season is shaping up to be a bit more dramatic, wouldn't you say?

The third season is probably going to be a shock to a lot of my fans and people who are wondering what's going to happen next with me. Obviously, there's been a lot going on since my departure from Buffalo. I played last year in Cincinnati, and I had high expectations that season, with the talent that was on that team. It was a bittersweet season for us. I had an OK season that didn't particularly end well, for the team and personally, with the torn meniscus toward the end of the season. With the news of that torn meniscus, I went into surgery in December and I rehabbed it for a few months. Obviously, everybody knows at this point that I had a torn ACL. I tweaked my knee. Didn't really know what was going on. I got an MRI and then I got the worst news possible -- that I had a torn ACL. It's been that type of season, personally and physically. There's been a lot going on since my season in Cincinnati. I think everybody (through the show) will get a sense of what's going on, from the end of that season to the point that I can get on a team this season. I think a lot of people think reality shows are scripted. I can't speak for other shows, but mine is pretty much authentic. That's why I signed on. With this third season, there's a lot of misfortune that's been going on, from a personal standpoint, and a physical and financial standpoint.

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