Samantha Steele talks bump, launch of network

Fri, Aug 26

On Friday, ESPN launched the Longhorn Network and website, and fans will get a chance to see reporter Samantha Steele.

As with most new faces, fans will likely Google her name. They'll come across the strange video we posted above.

That's Steele, who previously worked as a host and reporter for Fox Sports, getting knocked to the ground while trying to do a hip bump with co-worker Yogi Roth after a great play.

Page 2 decided to chase down the 25-year-old Steele to ask her a few questions on the day the television network launched.

So tell me about that video from 2009 before the Stanford-Washington game.

"I'd say it would be memorable, if I could remember it very well. I got a concussion. I went up for the body bump and he accidentally knocked me out."

Before that, it looked like you threw that football a long way.

"That is one skill that I've had since I was a little girl. My dad is a former football coach and my sister and I used to throw the football all the time. We were taught how to throw a perfect spiral. I thought it was pretty normal for a girl to do that. I figured every girl could throw it 35 yards. Once it got around I could do that, it was sort of a big deal. I guess I was more unique than I thought."

You might be unique in the fact that you're working in Austin, Texas, and you had never seen the city before accepting the job.

"My family is from the Fort Worth area but I had never been to Austin until I stepped foot on July 31. I'm looking for a place downtown now. My brother, who is in a band, just moved here also to start a music career. So I'm going to watch him play in this town too. Yep, we're bringing the whole family here!"

You are a native of Phoenix and graduated from Liberty University in Virginia. What has surprised you about Texas so far?

"I know fans here are going to be upset with me but I don't like Tex-Mex food. I love eating real Mexican food. So that has been an adjustment for me. Some of things I've seen look like it's fake cheese on top. But I haven't scratched the surface of places to eat yet. I spent the first few days here eating at Wendy's."

And you guys haven't scratched the surface of what the Longhorn Network can be, right?

"I know it sounds cheesy but I like being part of something new. I like how we're becoming a family. I've lived in five states in five years. I'm ready to put roots down. I like how we're going to take chances. That's what's going to make all of this fun."