Tell us your humorous fantasy football team name

Mon, Aug 29

Fantasy Football is back and we are here to discuss the single most important thing about your team.

Its name.

Oh yeah, anyone can blindly pick Aaron Rogers or Adrian Peterson but it takes someone clever to come up with a great FF team name. And that name represents you as much as a vanity plate on your car or a tattoo on your forehead. If your team's name is cool, so are you.

So that's our reader-generated list for this week: "Top 10 Cool Fantasy Football Team Names." Send your suggestions to along with your real first name, initial of your last name and your location.

Any name must past the "coolness" test. The test is simple -- Someone hears your team name and says, "That's cool."

If they hear your team name and say, "Huh?" or "What?" or "Get away from me before I call the police," your name probably needs work.

My team's name is hardly creative: "GanGreene." But it is personal. And if you've seen me when I'm wounded, it's topical, too. But you need to submit names that either make a pithy (and hopefully funny) comment on pop culture -- or a play of words about either a real team or a real person. If you think you need to explain it, go ahead, but remember it needs to be cool.

Using player names can result in good team names. Here are three examples:

• Bust My Henne.

• Arian Foster Home.

• Eli (The Other White) Manning.

You can do better than that.

What will make the list? You tell me -- before noon Wednesday. We'll publish the list Thursday and the rest of us may find that perfect name we've been looking for.

P.S. -- What are the chances Brett Favre gets mentioned in this list? Favre Dollar Footlong?