Rex Ryan vs. Rob Ryan: Who is more eccentric?

Tue, Sep 6
Rex and Rob RyanAP PhotoWho is more eccentric? Jets Rex Ryan (left) or his twin brother Rob Ryan of the Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan says that he has even more eccentric interests than his twin brother, Jets head coach Rex Ryan.


"Look, believe me everybody's got whatever screwed up thing going on. I don't care," Rob Ryan said. "I'm sure you do and everybody else that points fingers. Who cares? Everybody's got a life off the field and who really gives a crap. I'm sure I'm worse than he is. Big deal."

You have to wonder what Rob Ryan might be into that would make him even more unconventional than his famously unique brother.

Rex Ryan: has a foot fetish

Rob Ryan: went on his honeymoon for two weeks to Lady Foot Locker

Rex Ryan: underwent lap-band surgery

Rob Ryan: has a lap-band surgery fetish

Rex Ryan: likes to sign lots of top cornerbacks

Rob Ryan: his messy home will be featured in the upcoming TV series: "Hoarding: Cornerbacks"

Rex Ryan: uses frequent profanities when communicating

Rob Ryan: communicates exclusively via four-letter words, offensive gestures and physical violence

Rex Ryan: dressed up as his brother for a press conference

Rob Ryan: dresses up every day as Thor, but Thor at age 50 and quite overweight

Rex Ryan: filmed videos of his wife's feet that were put on YouTube

Rob Ryan: has an active MySpace page

Rex Ryan: predicts that the Jets will win the Super Bowl once or twice a week

Rob Ryan: probably thinks that the Cowboys could maybe possibly win a playoff game sometime in the next decade or so